Demo 2013

by Wolfnote

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Recorded in a mages tower in Gurnee IL the weekend of March 16th and 17th 2013.


released March 19, 2013

Wolfnote is: Dave Cronin (bass), Chris Mills (drums), Bo Lueders (vox, guitar)
Recorded by: Ross Burns (Mage)



all rights reserved


Wolfnote Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Wolfnote
Have you heard the news today?
She's swingin'.
The attic became her grave
And she's hangin'.

I boarded up that space
She was rotting in,
I'll think of her every day,
Instead of praying.

This could be... a meaning to my end.
If it was up to me,
I would have died with my friend.
So help me light a flame,
And we'll burn the house to the ground.
We'll live long and in fame,
With no trace of her to be found.
Track Name: Coffin Head
Think I need a good scare again, maybe,
Cause I've been sleepin' too comfortably lately.
It's better than ether to greet her with a toothy grin,
She doesn't care if I meet her and smother her in sin.
Trouble's an hour glass with diamond eyes and
When she landed she saw only blood red skies.

I'll turn some of my blood into wine,
Get that vampire love drunk in this coffin of mine.
You could cut me let it spill out red hot,
well drink it up cause, it's all I've got .

I'll leave you buried down there and you,
You won't see me again dear.
Naked, I've got nothing left to lose or shed to leave now forever,
In this wooden bed.

I try to take my mind of you but
Worrying about money won't quite do.
And it's a start but so was being born.
Now I know just what, a heart is for.

We were up in arms again, this time you took harm instead
I am walking alone, thinking it's over and we're over.
“Same time, same grave”, you said.
I closed my eyes and I rubbed them red and
I'm standing over your last plot
Wondering when your heart began to rot.

You won't see me again,
Only coffins in your head.
She never saw me coming out,
She never saw me.
Track Name: Northern Girl
The evening begins on the floor
In an anxious collapse like the morning before.
I will be in the bar with my head on the bar*,
Making everything hard to ignore.

Don't worry, I'm doing just fine, I'm 7 drinks in and it's not even 9.
My friends are all here, they've been here for years,
So they toast to my great decline.

The evening concludes on the ground
There's a glaze on my face and spilt gin all around.
My head's in a spin, I'm numb to the core
But it doesn't feel bad anymore.

Darling it's cold there, join me in Hell where
It's warm here down below.
Used to be my northern girl,
Waiting in the cold torrential snow.

My head ain’t the best place to be,
So my mind up and left me at 10 after 3.
My insides are gone, they’re on my front lawn,
I’m a spectacle don’t you agree?

I've been living in darkness and haze
There's a light and it's only 9 hours away.
But the end is the end, now you're just a friend
Of some friends who I won't see again.

Great disaster, I don't think so.
Fool me once and I'm your fool forevermore.
Great disaster ok, maybe.
My new home, my kitchen floor.

Darling I hate to see you
Frozen and looking so blue.
You were meant to live in flame with me, eternally.

*Select lyrics graciously borrowed from our dear colleague,
Steven Patrick Morrissey
Track Name: Bloodline
Lying wide-awake for hours,
My hands are clean but my mind is lush
With thoughts that on their own would make
The Devil blush.

What's that on the tip of your tongue?
It's forked and rotting, black and on your teeth.
Your smile says there's nothing to fear,
But have a look in the mirror, what do you see?

Chop me into little pieces,
Take me wherever you go,
Keep bits of me in your pockets to leave
In the cities I've known.

So you know, since you’ve been dead my eyes haven’t even opened.
I fell so low that I couldn’t even think of you.
Anyday, I expect to feel the coldness of your blade.
Fallen snow, bloodlines shown.

Here we go, once again I’ve given more than I could spare to
I don't know if I have the heart to tell you:
I'm just bones, some old bones in here,
I used to have some blood.
Bloodlines shown,
All alone.
Track Name: Uniform
This is new, it's all new to me
I never thought it right to scream just how I feel.
I know I said, I'd never go away, I won't, I'd never.
It just hurts to see, exactly what you saw in me.

You'll go and make new friends, I bet you'll look better on them.
You'll remind me anyway, my daily dose of a passing phase.
And I’ll need you more, more than ever
Before you sold me bitter sweet love.

This isn't me, saying it's over,
I've just seen an ugly change in you.
I know, I think, I think I heard them say that,
"He's broke, forever."
It's just wrong to hear, exactly how you made my voice sound.

And I need you more, more than ever.
Before you sold me only bitter sweet love.
I won't leave you for any one, but you can't keep me just
Because I was 13 once.

I know it's not my best but who said,
I wanted to give any more than that?
I won't leave you for anyone but you can't
Keep me here, forever.

You'll go and make new friends,
I know you'll look better on them.
You'll remind me anyway,
my daily dose of a passing phase,
A passing phase.